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Recently I’ve been seeing some squabbling, both on the comments section of some Asian dramas’ streaming sites & on Tumblr even. Problem: The subbing team hasn’t been working fast enough to provide English subs & the fans who are handicapped at the language is dying from the tedious wait.

While some subbers have retaliated, saying stuff like, “Subbers don’t have nothing else to do. We have lives too!”, here’s my two cents on this. Please don’t bother getting mad at me (just in case you’re a subber) because it’s just a little opinion.

Some fans (of the show) were definitely wrong when they started running around hounding for the subs continuously. We get it, it’s irritating & it’s not the way to show your gratefulness to someone who’s going to sub your beloved show. However, I feel some subbers have to understand the frustration of the fans. It’s like waiting in a bloody long queue & being kinda unsure when the end is going to arrive. That has got to be frustrating too.

Subbers of course, have their own lives. But if you’d allow me to be more crude, subs coming in a week after the show has aired…is kinda late (I’m talking about Ikemen Desu ne here, no offence to any subber of that show). I personally waited for the subs till day 3, before I gave in & just watched the raw thing. I’m fine because I know pretty-okay Japanese but for the others who don’t, it’s annoying for them. What I’m saying is: If you’re going to do the job, do it right & do it seriously.

Some have also complained that “rather than continuously egging the Subbers to do a faster job, why not thank them instead for their past effort?” Well, yes we should all thank these dedicated guys who work hard at bringing us these subs, but you don’t always expect a thank you from every single person who’s watched the show w/ subs do you? Just like you don’t always say I Love You to your parents everyday, despite knowing that they’re working damn hard each day for you.

Well that’s just a rant. I don’t like seeing a war between the fans & the subbers, just sayin’.

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