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As a huge, huge fan of Katan Minami’s “Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu" series of manga, I’ve been anticipating the live action film for a really long time now. More thrill for me when they first announced the leads were going to be Matsuzaka Tori and Takei Emi, 2 of the youngest upcoming stars in the Japanese film industry and whom I both enjoy watching.

Naturally, I also picked up the “Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu Official Album" to show my support for the series, but also because it featured a huge array of wonderful Jpop artists. In particular, as a big fan of SCANDAL and a regular listener of Perfume and 7!!’s works, I had to get it even more. It also comes with a sticker (as you can see above) + a large promotional poster (sorry, didn’t take a picture of it.)

In this nice compilation of 12 songs, I enjoyed SCANDAL, Tamurapan, Nakashima Mika and 7!!’s songs the most. I feel they reflect the story/plot well and it’s nice to hear new works of course. (Nakashima Mika’s song is the short version, as this is her latest A-side single and only very recently released last week.)

While this OST dropped a couple of days ago on 5th December, the movie just opened in cinemas today (8th December). I hear it’s been doing really well in the theatres and that’s nice to hear. To know more about the movie/watch the trailers, you can visit the official website HERE. You can also still pre-order your copy of this OST HERE. First-press editions are still available and come with a special sticker & promotional poster.

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