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Here’s my copy of the official guide book to AKB0048, the hit Anime series starring AKB48’s latest spin-off sub-unit, NO NAME. While I think just because they’ve ran out of sub-unit names doesn’t mean they can don’t give a proper name to these group of girls, I’d really enjoyed watching this Anime series. Season 2 is well on its way, but for AKB0048 lovers like me, this is the mook for you to relive the experience.

  • Character Overview: We start the mook off by getting the basic info of the characters down. There’s one of the newer AKB0048 members, and another one for the ‘original’ members, including Acchan and gang. I’m a bit saddened they did not include Miichan in this but she was never a huge role in the Anime.

  • AKB members as Seiyuus: Includes beautiful pictorials, a short bio of the character they’re playing and a super short Q&A session. Besides for Mayu who gets 4 spreads, the rest of the girls get 3 spreads each.

  • Picture Collection: Includes some self-taken selcas of the girls from behind-the-scenes, mostly in their AKB0048 costumes.

  • Story Guide: This is the essential part; With screencaps, summaries and a little “check-point” which you didn’t think to take note in an episode, it’s all in this mook. I like that they show a little of the Anime development process as well on the left side of the spreads. All 13 stages of the Anime is included.

  • "Documentary of AKB0048": Grabbed the title wholesale from the mook. It talks of the audition process, recording process & press conference, and comes with b/w images of how the girls looked behind-the-scenes.

  • Mayuyu’s Long Interview: For a long time I get that Mayu is one of the most popular members around, and it’s okay that even in this Anime she gets the forefront for just about everything. But even now she gets her very own interview while the rest of the girls don’t have it just makes me feel a little sad. If anyone should get an interview, imo it should be Iwata Karen, since her character Nagisa definitely plays a slightly larger role than Mayu’s. But no, guess not.

  • "Kibou ni Tsuite" PV Behind-The-Scenes: This came with such cute pictures of the girls. Also good to see that NMB’s Mita Mao is blending in well with the girls, especially with Amina-chan.

Some other parts include interviews on the artists and writers behind the Anime, hand-written notes of thanks by the girls themselves etc. The mook also comes with a double-sided poster (A3-size), with one side featuring the AKB girls and the other side featuring a beach scene of their Anime characters. Going for ¥1,000, it is yet another must-have for the AKB0048 fan.

"AKB0048" is also out on DVD and Blu-ray, and also has its own collectible figurines, 2013 calendar, goods and manga as well. Meanwhile, “Kibou ni Tsuite" was also just released earlier last month and came in #3 on the Oricon charts. If you’d like this mook, you can also get it HERE.

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