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Here’s a look at this year’s “AKB48 Senbatsu Election" Official guidebook. Noticeably, last year’s center Maeda Atsuko is missing from the cover as she will not be participating in this year’s election, thus Oshima Yuko stands as the default center.

Alike the past years, the format for the book is pretty much about the same- except that this year boasts a total of 237 eligible candidates, including SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, plus all the respective Kenkyuuseis from every group. JKT48 is not included because they’re not a Japanese sister group.

Moving on, the top 12 members get several spreads and an interview each. I really like all the pictorials in the book (even tho most of them are photoshoots from their other work for other magazine spreads etc). Following on, the rest of the top 13 to 21 members get a single spread each and a very short interview as well. Maeda Atsuko also gets her own interview, obviously regarding her graduation and her time in the group.

There is also some insight on last year’s election results, predictions on what members would come out tops or drop in rank; Basically lots of election talk. Each member from every single group also gets their own detailed description, for us fans to really consider who we want to possibly vote for.

Other goodies included in this heavy mook includes the girls’ individual election posters, stickers and 1 special poster selected out of 2 types. I think I’m extremely lucky to be getting Type A because 2 of my Oshis (Tomochin & Amina) happen to both be on the same poster. If you still haven’t decided for which girl you’d like to vote for, you can also check out the girls’ election speeches over HERE. Overall, great mook and well-worth every yen I paid.

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