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It’s been decided & recently announced on the SDN48 official Ameba blog. SDN48 will disband on 31st March next year, and every member in the group will graduate. This news had hit all the AKB48-family fans hard, since clearly it’s the first of its kind to happen.

Since the announcement barely a couple of hours ago, many other fellow SDN members have also followed along to update their own official blogs, sharing their feelings & thoughts with their fans. KONAN, CinDy & Umeda Haruka are just some of the many members that have updated their blogs so far (you may check the full list over HERE). Reading them, I honestly felt really sad, especially since I thought this was one group just exploding with talent. The fact that they ride on the “adult idol” concept, one that’s different from just your usual group of young teen girls in groups of 48…I thought it was one of the best decisions Aki-p ever made in his life.

Many SDN members have expressed their wishes to move along well after the disbandment, thanking their fans with utmost sincerity for supporting them through the 2 over years (since SDN was formed). It was quite the sudden decision, with no warning whatsoever before it hit. As a supporter of these girls, I hope that they’ll give many good live performances (maybe even a graduation single?) before they all end their SDN48 journey on March 31st next year. Will definitely be missing all of them :’(

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