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Diabolik Lovers 30 Day Challenge Note: Answer however you want whether it's an edit, drawing, or just a simple answer. Questions are based on the anime, games and other media. Feel free to skip any. //attempts to make fandom more interesting
These questions are not meant to cause any friction within the fandom and are purely opinion based.
If you take offence to anyone's answers that is your problem and your problem only so please keep it to yourself.
Tag: diabolik lovers challenge
So people can take a look at everyones answers
Day 1: Favourite Sakamaki
Day 2: Favourite Mukami
Day 3: Favourite parent
Day 4: The character you first fell in love with
Day 5: The character you didn't like at first but warmed up to
Day 6: The most sadistic character
Day 7: Character you consider has the most tragic backstory
Day 8: Favourite relationship (otp/sibling/whatever)
Day 9: Character you relate to the most
Day 10: Least favourite character
Day 11: Best looking character
Day 12: Character with nicest voice
Day 13: Character with best dress sense
Day 14: Character with worst dress sense
Day 15: Favourite anime episode
Day 16: Favourite anime scene
Day 17: Favourite anime quote
Day 18: Worst anime scene
Day 19: Funniest anime scene
Day 20: Haunted dark bridal or More blood
Day 21: Favourite route
Day 22: Least favourite route.
Day 23: Favourite moment in the game
Day 24: Least favourite moment in the game
Day 25: Favourite ending
Day 26: Least favourite ending
Day 27: Favourite character song
Day 28: Least favourite character song
Day 29: Favourite drama CD
Day 30: Overall opinion

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