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Gesu no Kiwami Otome.; “Byokiteki na Kisu wo Watashi ni Shite” Live on MUSIC STATION (29 Aug)

I just absolutely have to introduce this band that I’ve been hooked on lately to everyone; Gesu no Kiwami Otome. is a J-rock band that’s gotten popular recently, thanks to their debut major single, “Byokiteki na Kisu wo Watashi ni Shite" which charted at #9 on the Oricon Weekly Charts. Since the official debut single, Gesukiwa has gone on to perform on huge music programmes, such as CDTV, MUSIC JAPAN and just last night, live on MUSIC STATION.

I’m going to skip all the slightly unimportant bits (about all the independent EPs and mini-albums they’ve made before the debut single), but what is really interesting about these 4 people are that every single one of them also belong in another co-band.

  • Kawatani Enon (Main Vo./Gt.): Also the main vocalist and guitarist for rock band, indigo la End. He is also a frontman, composer and lyricist (for both bands), which is insanely amazing.

  • Kyujitsukachou (Ba./Vo.): His name (of course not his real one) actually means ‘Holiday Manager’. Crazy amazing bassist and it’s all evident on his face. Oldest in Gesukiwa at age 27. He used to also be the bassist for indigo la End for a while, and his previous name in indigo la End was ‘E ni Naranai Kachou’, which means Manager-That-Can’t-Draw. Now bassist and vocalist for both Gesukiwa and defunct-band, mochimochi.

  • chanMARI (Key./Vo.): Keyboardist. Her piano skills are intense and although she pulls weird-as-hell facial expressions sometimes, she is insanely talented. Also the keyboardist for band, Crimson.

  • Hona • Ikoka (Dr./Vo.): Drummer and youngest of the band, at age 24. (I also think she’s really pretty??) She stars in the lead position for many of GesuKiwa’s music videos as well, such as ‘Killer Ball’ or ‘Black Parade’. Also part of microcosm, an all-girl rock-duo. (microcosm is nuts but also kinda cool, and you’re welcome to check out their latest EP HERE. Hona • Ikoka is kick-ass inside.)

GesuKiwa is really a band to watch and if they keep releasing stuff like what they’ve got now and better, I think they’re gonna be amazing in future. Here are some other hits by them (which I’m into as well) that are worth checking out: Killer Ball, Mochi Girl, Black Parade, Parallel Spec, Normal Atama, Byokiteki na Kisu wo Watashi ni Shite

Please do give them a try, they’re good and if you like J-rock and Japanese bands, then I think it shouldn’t be hard to like them at all.

(Edit: Video has been replaced b/c the last one got taken down) Video upload w/ thanks to FUNKYDMALY @ YT!

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