All things Japanese This blog is a diary of all the Japanese things I come across, where I review/blog about them. Mostly Idol and Anime-centric. ★ → Includes: Jpop, Seiyuus, CDs, DVDs, books, magazines, Anime, manga, Jdramas, PVs, CMs, music shows and more. ★ Personally, my favourite artists are: KAT-TUN, AKB48, SCANDAL & Hey! Say! JUMP★ ♪ My ultimate biases are: Kamenashi Kazuya, Itano Tomomi & Chinen Yuri
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Jsuki On Hiatus Till 20th June

This is because I’m in Japan and won’t be able to update. I have such slow updates (I apologize, like multiple times) but I thank every follower for being interested and liking this blog still (((^___^)))

I’ll be back with more stuff! You know it’ll happen because, well me in Japan.

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